State Of Undone

It’s that time of the week when words like ‘deadline’, ‘time’, and the phrase “yes, no problem”, start to compete for importance with words like ‘release’, ‘simplicity’ and ‘just the necessity’. The need to uncoil after a long week starts when I arrives home: bag down, jeans off, hair out. Kimono on: loose, cotton, and pulled in at the waist. Bare feet.

Entering the state of undone requires a sense of unraveling. A rejection of urgency, replaced with a combination of all the things that make you feel at ease. Moments that at their most simple are the most enjoyable. I love feeling that shift down in gears come dusk. The abandonment of noise allows for all of those thoughts and ideas to find space and grow. My attention moves towards items that offer the potential to fill me back up.

These three images, in order, sum up an evening dedicating to undoing.

The marvellous cup of tea. The perfect accompaniment to list-making, dreaming with your eyes open, and great conversations.

The kitchen escape. Making something with your hands. Enjoying the process right from the choosing your ingredients, taking the time to prepare and cook. Music on is essential. Phone on silent is also essential.

And if you’re lucky, a weekend escape. Getting out of the city. Climbing a rock. Getting dust up your nose and salt in your hair. Seeing the night sky unaffected by city lights and indulging in the quiet mornings with cold dewy grass and fresh open air.

– Yasmine Ganley, Undone Girl


Images: Weekend Escape by Tim Barber, Cup of Tea image of Ariele Alasko, Kitchen Escape via Freunde von Freunden of Jen Vitale

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