Terrarium Workshop With Annie O

We’re calling 2016 the year of the house plant – OBSESSED! With stores like Garden Objects, websites like The Plant Hunter and The Garden Edit and books like Bree Claffey’s Indoor Green, we’re spoilt for inspiration. As well as conventional pot plants, we’re also turning to art forms like bonsai and terrariums for a different take that requires a little extra care and maintenance, but rewards with mindfulness, therapy and beautiful unique results.

So we were pretty excited to get an invite to Annie Oxborough’s terrarium workshop at Collected on Wed 17th Feb – not just because Annie is super talented and creative and a plant-and-flower-appreciater’s idol, but also because she’s apparently leaving our fair city for greener climes, so we may not get another chance to see her in action and workshop with her for some time…

Fun fact – the terrarium craze is certainly not a new phenomenon. It was perfected by the masters of obsession, the Victorians. The Victorians were big on collecting and like many of the era, Nathaniel Ward was having difficulty keeping his beloved fern collection alive in the polluted London air. He solved the problem by protecting them within miniature glass houses – terrariums!

Annie O‘s terrariums are pretty special – tiny, fantastic worlds set into beautiful glass vessels of all shapes and sizes. Her workshop promises plenty of plant-based wisdom and the opportunity to create a mini terrarium to take home. Drop us a line if you’re thinking of coming, we’d love to meet some fellow planty folk…



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