The Broke Girl’s Guide To Gift-Wrapping

For those of us who only have enough money for the gift.

You will need:
A box to fix the gift in
The gift
White paper
An old magazine

1. Inner Layer
Fit everything neatly into your gift box and wrap it tidily in the white paper. It doesn’t matter if it looks a bit scrappy as the outer skin will hopefully cover that up!

2. Choosing an outer layer
Go through your old magazines and look for a pattern or page that you really like the look of.
Trim the page so it fits neatly around the long side of the gift, showing a little white on each side.

3. The final wrap
Centre the strip of paper on the gift and tape it down. Magic! You have a beautiful gift for the lucky receiver.

4. Go party!


Pia Crawford, Undone Girl

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