The Brothers

Undone are very excited to introduce a lovely new local brand – The Brothers – creators of “a crafted collection of leather goods for the modern gentleman”.

Launched by husband and wife team, Ashley and Sherna Griffiths, The Brothers brings together both their passion and skills – Ashley’s building background and sound knowledge of the relationship between form and function complemented by Sherna’s hands-on experience with 10 years in the fashion industry (seven of which were in design and production for Saben) and her love of vintage leatherware.

The collection pays homage to timeless leather pieces, once staples in every gentleman’s wardrobe, and brings them into the 21st century to fit seamlessly into the hands of the modern tech-loving male.

Old-world suit bags, briefcases, Dopp kits, messenger bags and satchels have been skilfully re-crafted to carry laptops, tablets and smartphones in a palette that focuses on rich rustic tans, navy, greys and showcases pops of vibrant emerald green, cobalt blue and red.

You have an obsession with old luggage and vintage leatherware – how did this come about and what are some specific pieces you love?
Sherna: I have always loved products with a nostalgic feel to them. The idea that a product has a history is extremely appealing to me. My mum gifted me a few of my grandparent’s Hartmann leather suitcases. They have travelled the world several times over and have withstood the test of time. I love that fact that they have been through generations of our family.

What is it about leather specifically that you love, and why have you chosen to work with it as a material?
Ashley: It’s a timeless, durable material. It changes and adapts with use. It gets better with age. Anybody can pick it up and know that it is a quality product.

Could you talk a little more about how your backgrounds have influenced your new venture?
Sherna: I have been in the bag making business for over 8 years. I designed and produced handbags for the label Saben. My knowledge for construction has been a strong influence in creating a quality product for The Brothers.

The new collection is called ‘Legacy’ – how important are legacies in your family and do you have any heirlooms that have been passed down?
Ashley: For me the legacy of my family is my family. Although we do have a few cherished pieces taking pride of place in our home, we definitely feel the real legacy is still a work in progress and constantly evolving with each new generation. This new venture is about our newest little ‘legacy’.

What are some of your favourite pieces from the collection?
Definitely the ‘Bogart’ garment bag – it’s just ultimate luxury.


Photography: Stephen Tilley | Merchandising: Caroline Brown + Jenny Lee Doween | Furniture, objects and art: Mr Bigglesworthy

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