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Our favourite baker and original Undone Girl Jordan Rondel never fails to inspire us (or make us hungry), and her latest, possibly most exciting (though not many of us can say they have their own amazing cookbook!) venture as The Caker is opening her own headquarters on Auckland’s legendary K’ Road.

Undoubtedly many cool and delicious things will be going down there, but the focus of the beautifully assembled front space is for weekend afternoon tea sessions – a lovely opportunity to meet with a group of family or friends and sample a variety of Jordan’s amazing handmade treats with filter coffee or fancy teas in the sweet surrounds she and her French furniture-maker father Stephane Rondel have created.

Just this week we’ve had Jordan make us banana, cinnamon, vanilla, raspberry pancakes with fresh fruit and rosewater yoghurt at a Stella McCartney lingerie breakfast and watched her create a six-layer sponge as part of a living art/fashion installation at Zambesi, but somehow she found the time to answer a few quick questions…

Jordan, how’s K’ Road treating you? Tell us a little about your new space, what it was before and what it is now?
K’ Road suits me perfectly. I never wanted a ‘cute’ cake shop, so the grittiness of it works really well. My new spot is situated in a really cool block down the Ponsonby end of K’ Road, which luckily has no bars so it’s quite nice and quiet, and has loads of character. I’m in an ex-art gallery space with super high ceilings, wooden floors and pristine white walls. It’s pretty beautiful.

Tell us about the best afternoon tea experience you’ve ever had?
I suppose it would be at Rose Bakery in Paris with my sister. We ate crumbles, tarts and pastries.

Can you tell us anything more about your second “secret” venture you’re getting set to unveil?
All I’ll say is that it involves food of the very delicious kind.

What’s your favourite cake to create right now?
I’m loving making cakes which use honey or maple syrup in the place of refined white sugar. I’ve come up with a lovely honey almond cake recipe which is buttery, crumbly and gently sweet. It can be adorned with any fruit, but right now I’m loving seasonal limes and rhubarb.

And your favourite ingredients?
Ground almonds, coconut oil, honey, maple, dried coconut and fresh herbs.

One tip for making a great cake?
Do not overmix! This results in a tough cake instead of a pillowy one.


Photos by Julie Huang for Undone

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