The Modern Preserver

Us Undone girls love a good workshop (off to Annie Oxborough’s terrarium workshop at Collected this week woo!), so we’re pretty stoked to be signed up for the opportunity to do a spot of preserving with the wonderful Kylee Newton.

A passionate self-taught preserver, Kylee grew up in New Zealand and now lives in London. Initially making preserves to give as homemade Christmas presents, her hobby quickly became an enduring and all-consuming passion, with her Newton & Pott chutneys, jams and preserves flying out the doors each week across London’s markets and fancy food halls like Selfridges. And no, sadly, you can’t buy them here, we asked. But a workshop is the next best thing right?

Where does a girl go from there but to create a beautiful cookbook that immediately garners a cult following. The Modern Preserver takes you through every aspect of preserving from classic chutneys and jams, through pickles and fermentation, to cordials and compotes. From Carrot and Citrus Chutney to Strawberry and Lavender Gin and Kimchi, her 130-plus recipes wed timeless techniques with a fresh, modern flavor.

The Collected workshop on Thursday Feb 25th promises to be a delicious evening of chutneys, cheeses and maybe a cheeky wine, with the very exciting opportunity to learn all the tips and tricks of preserving and hear Kylee’s inspirational story. As always, keep an eye on the Undone instagram and check back here for the post-event lowdown…


Images via Life & Thyme

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