The Painted Desert

As with Stolen Girlfriends Club ‘Rogue Wave’ campaign, this set of pics for the Penny Sage Summer 14 collection ‘The Painted Desert’ isn’t brand new, but we’re pretty deeply in love with it and since it came out back before Undone was born, we didn’t want to miss out on showcasing it here.

We were lucky enough to have designer Kate Megaw send us some extra photos shot on film, to add to the campaign shots shot on digital, so it tells a larger story and gives you an even better view of all the dreaminess. We were also lucky enough to get a few minutes to talk to Kate about the collection…

We love the shoot location! Soooo pretty! How did you find it? And who does the garden/house belong to?
The photographer Greta Van Der Star sourced the beautiful location – it’s her grandfather’s house in Manurewa. Apparently everything in the house has remained the same since the 1970s. We didn’t bring any props or change a thing, it felt like the perfect location for this collection just as it was.

Where did the collection name come from?
I came across a promotional video of Arizona from the 1930s, which sparked the initial inspiration for the collection. The film features wildflowers, badlands, a lonesome horseman, and is filmed under intensely bright sunlight.

Which are your personal favourite pieces from the Summer 14 collection?
It keeps changing as the season gets hotter. At the moment I love wearing the Anemone dress, I find it the perfect dress to cover up without being too hot since it’s sheer, full length and has long sleeves. On these hot days I like wearing the Phantom teddy or the Cruel Summer dress underneath.

Bit of a random question but we’re curious… You’ve used a brown fabric in the collection, which isn’t a colour you see much in fashion these days… What was the decision behind this, if there was one? What has the response been?
It treads a fine line between beautiful and ugly, which is what drew me to it and what often initially draws me to fabrics. I find these are the fabrics that are often the most interesting to people. The response has been positive, I think.

What have you got planned for the rest of summer?
I just got back from a camping trip down the Rangitikei river. It was so amazing to have some peaceful nature time to clear my head and start thinking about 2014. I grew up around there and it’s one of my favourite places to spend time in summer. I wish I could stay all summer but I have a busy couple of months ahead…


Model: Amberley at N Model Management | Photography and art direction: Greta Van Der Star | Hair & Makeup: Tasha Horomia

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