The Rose #1

There’s no other flower that has been admired and lusted over as much as the rose. For centuries they’ve inspired with their beauty, fragrance and colour and are the only flower that has developed its own language to convey various meanings.

To celebrate this magnificent bloom I’ve put together a little series, The Rose, each post featuring a different hue or variety, its meaning, and how best to handle it…

Rose #1: RED ROSA

Meaning: I ♥ you, I want you bad, shit you’re hot, I’m really passionate about you…

Red roses are the symbol of romance and are the best way to show your affection for someone. Buying a single red rose equals cuteness, kisses, dinner, let’s talk all night, whereas a bunch of red roses is hot, heavy, lets skip dinner…

A bright red rose is flirty, but if you want to express you burning desires then opt for those deeper, darker richer tones.

Red roses should only be wrapped in white, black or brown paper. If you pinch roses from someone’s garden make sure you ask first, let them know it’s for love and if they have any ribbon inside it would be greatly appreciated – and watch out for thorns!


Lucy Houghton, Undone Girl

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