The Rose #2

There’s no other flower that has been admired and lusted over as much as the rose. For centuries they’ve inspired with their beauty, fragrance and colour and are the only flower that has developed its own language to convey various meanings.

To celebrate this magnificent bloom I’ve put together a little series, The Rose, each post featuring a different hue or variety, its meaning, and how best to handle it…


Meaning: Thanks a bunch, love your style, just because, you’re fun, I want to make you blush!

Pink roses are not just for girls and are not just a pretty colour. A frosted pink rose has great significance when it comes to gifting and receiving your affections. To gift or receive a bouquet of pink roses shows great admiration and respect. It also shows you carry yourself with great elegance, refinement and have a kind + open heart! Oh my goodness, the pink rose says it all! From light pastel pink to hot lipstick tones it has all the qualities to make a day, week or even a month that much rosier. Think RESPECT and HAPPINESS!

Notes: Pink roses are considered a classic. Horticulturally they were the first hue of rose to be cultivated. Pink is the most common rose colour to be grown in mother nature’s back lawn.


Lucy Houghton, Undone Girl

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