Thinking Space

I was recently speaking with a friend about how I was finding some of my best ideas were coming to me whilst showering. As she quickly agreed and confessed to that exact incident happening to her that morning, I figured we were onto something…

Was it in the un-disruptive, un-distracting surroundings of the shower? Was it in the comforting warmth of the water pummeling your back, or that your eyelids are still half-closed from the night’s sleep? Or was it the autopilot act of cleansing one’s self that allowed us to take the time to zone out and let our thoughts wander?

Now, I’m sure I could find ample scientific proof to back my theory up, but meh, who’s got the time!? Which brings me to my next point … thinking that we have no time…

The term ‘daydreamer’ has always conjured up slight negative connotations, likened to those of the herb-smoking, drop-out division… but I’m starting to think these people are onto something good, and I don’t mean the herb, I mean taking the time! Having the ability to pause your multitasking tendencies for a moment and knowing when to let your thoughts drift away to wherever they might land is a personality attribute that definitely has its perks.

So, in order to keep gaining access to these small epiphanies experienced in the shower each day, here’s to being okay with letting your thoughts wander, and to whatever you might find when you get there.

Happy daydreaming.


Yasmine Ganley, Undone Girl

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