Treat Me

We recently got to spend a lovely morning at Auckland’s Ryder Salon with one of our favourite and most passionate, skilled and informed hair experts, Lauren Gunn. We were there to try out TREAT.ME, a luxurious new in-salon treatment from Kevin Murphy (another favourite), over coffees and coconut waters.

As per all Kevin Murphy products the packaging deserves a mention of its own – tiny glass vials labelled ‘Elixir’, ‘Strength’ or ‘Moisture’ with a clean, slightly scientific aesthetic and sleek cream caps – containing product that is then extracted via a dropper, customised by a stylist to suit the clients specific requirements and mixed with Kevin Murphy mainline care products at the moment of application.

Don’t let the delicacy fool you though, this quiet little product packs a big punch, with a high concentration of active ingredients – plant proteins, a spectrum of vitamins, flower extracts, green tea, coconut oil, monoi oil and sugar cane – which when carefully combined promises to ensure the hair surface is more supple, smooth, strong and elastic.

We could listen to Lauren talk shop all day, but sadly time was of the essence, so we had her send us notes on her very favourite of TREAT.ME’s lush list of ingredients…

In the Elixir Flacon:
Sugar Cane, a rich source of Glycolic Acid, is basically a hero ingredient for any skin or hair product. Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecular structure of all the AHA’s, which means that as well as removing dead cells and broken dull cuticle, it’s able to deeply penetrate hair allowing more potency for other ingredients and prolonging their effect.

Cool fact about Glycolic Acid – hair treated with it can tolerate higher heat, so the hair can hold moisture at higher temperatures for longer. Great for peeps who use hot tools to style their hair.

Vitamin A, slows down the breakdown of collagen (yay!) and boosts cell renewal, which in turn prolongs the Anagen phase of hair growth. During the Anagen phase, the cells in the Papilla divide and multiply to produce new hair fibres and the follicle buries itself deep into the dermis to nourish the hair bulb, which means strong, healthy, longer growing hair.

Vitamin C, reverses UV damage!

In the Strength Cruet:
Vitamin B3 (Niacin), expands the blood capillaries that are responsible for delivering nutrients to your hair, providing energy to living cells in a form they can’t create.

Vitamin K, a fat-soluble protein that easily penetrates hair for long-lasting action. Deficiency in Vitamin K has been linked to wrinkles and premature ageing in the skin, so it’s great for scalp health too.

In the Moisture Cruet:
Mongongo Oil, an extract from nuts that are around 53% oil with a unique composition offering protection for both skin and hair, with hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties. Afircan San bushman have used the Mongongo nut as a nourishing body rub for around 7000 years.

Gardenia Flower Extracts, a powerful antioxidant due to its Ferulic Acid content, is highly reactive towards free radicals. Supports the hair’s infrastructure, closing the cuticle adding shine and reducing frizz. Incredible detangling properties.


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