Undone At NZFW: Julian Danger

“That’s Julian—” whispers a model to another model gesturing with a glance at Amy-Rose Goulding: head designer and head honcho at Julian Danger. She’s standing in the center of the space backstage, with a lint roller clutched closely to her chest, slowly circling in a 360 eyeing up the scene, taking in the details, making sure the models look on par with magnifique.

Although she’s been around for the past seven years working long and hard developing her label — JD is still a young brand on the New Zealand fashion scale. Despite being two long blacks deep at 9AM, considering this is Amy-Rose’s first runway show at NZFW, and asides from speaking a bit quicker than norm: “that’s-silk-so-try-and-stand-as-straight-as-possible-so-it-doesn’t-need-to-be-steamed-again.” She’s as calm as a house without the TV on.

Backstage is a montage of:

Puffing steamers left on too long / tradies in scissor lifts / leaflets / booklets / post cards / duct tape / lint rollers / make-up touch-ups lit by iphones / black denim and Nike frees /

It’s people with a purpose—be it snipping a loose thread or moisturizing a model’s legs—everyone’s on the case.

Five minutes to show time and somebody whispers that the “bachelorettes are out there” and another person whispers “she’s international” and a woman with a clipboard shouts “models don’t post your photos on instagram!” (wait til after the show, of course) And then it’s happening and the dreamy palette parades down the catwalk (to a remix of Mariah Carey’s Honey) and off again, the racks are wheeled out, new ones are wheeled in—champagne time.


Words and photos by Whitney Nicholls-Potts

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