Undone At NZFW: Meet The Models

Hi I’m Abby Hendershot
I’m 18
My ethnicity is American
I’m 5’10.5 tall
I’m signed to Clyne and DNA New York
My instagram is @abby_hendershot

I modelled as a kid, then I quit and played soccer, then started again as a teenager.

My favourite modelling experience so far has been coming to work in New Zealand!

My dream modelling gig? Victoria’s Secret!

Coco Rocha is my favourite model, she’s an amazing inspiration.

On the weekends I hang out with friends and play guitar.

My happy place? In bed!

The Book Thief is a favourite I read recently, no doubt!

Something only my friends/family knows about me (until now!)  is that I’m adopted.

My favourite thing in my wardrobe right now is a dress I have from a local designer at home, Gunnar Deatherage.

The last thing you bought was a shirt at Topshop that says ‘Property of the United States of America’.

My must-have beauty item is moisturiser.

Favourite instagram I follow? Haha, @tibbythecorgi.

Photos shot at Kate Sylvester by Eve Sorenson

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