Undone At NZFW: Twenty-Seven Names

Using Judy Chicago’s iconic feminist artwork as a starting point, today we set the table for an imagined 25 women. A dinner party of women who question, imagine, challenge, who shake up, who inspire. Women whose songs get us so excited we break into spontaneous dance in the workroom; whose books we’ll even load out to that friend who dog ears the pages. Women who have made the tv shows and films that we rave about to anyone who will listen, who made the art that changes how we see the world, or feel about ourselves. Women who fight the good fight for the rest of us, who live the lives that inspire us.

With the thoughtful and powerfully feminine motif that has become iconic of their brand, twenty-seven names kicked off NZFW this morning with their Autumn/Winter 2016 show entitled ‘still life’. While at first hindering all those freshly blown tresses, the incessant rain seemed to set a calming backdrop to cool beats (from Nicki to Lana, and even Alanis) and even cooler clothes.

With a focus on functionality and comfort, the aesthetic divided looks into five categories: Peach Set, Sand Set, Herringbone Set, Navy Set, and Black Set. My favourite, the Herringbone Set, would make a cool and considered wardrobe for any woman, think plenty of chinos and silk blouses. As HAIM’s Forever faded out and the rain finally relented, the audience seemed overwhelmed with affirming nods from beneath umbrellas that twenty-seven names had created yet another army of assertive cool girls. Girls who wear button down blazers and listen to hip hop.

twenty-seven names ‘still life’ mix tape:

All I Really Want – Alanis Morissette
Say You’ll Be There – MO
1 Thing – Amerie Feat. Eve
Truffle Butter – Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake & Lil Wayne
High By The Beach – Lana Del Rey
Forever – HAIM


Katie Higgie, Undone Girl

Front of show image by Karen Ishiguro, backstage images by Olivia Hemus for M.A.C Cosmetics

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