Undone Beauty: How To Cleanse

Cleansing is one of those necessary evils. You must do it for the health and clarity of your skin – however over-cleansing can also be the cause of so many skin problems.

I recommend cleansing only once a day, in the evening. The idea behind this is if you do a thorough enough cleanse in the evening there should be no reason to cleanse again in the morning. All that has built up on your skin overnight is perhaps some perspiration or excess product, both of which can be washed away with water.

I only ever work with, and recommend, cream or oil cleansers. Never a gel or foaming cleanser, as this can disrupt the acid mantle of the skin, striping precious oils and unbalancing the skin.

Using clean, dry hands gently massage the cleanser into your skin. You can do this directly on top of makeup. Spend a couple of minutes really working the cleanser in, focusing on any areas of congestion. Add some water to your fingertips and emulsify the cleanser. This will dislodge any makeup, dirt and oils from the skin.

The most effective way to remove cleanser is using a warm, damp cloth. Hold it to your face and let the steam soften your skin before gently wiping away the cleanser. You can repeat this a second time if you’re wearing makeup or a chemical sunblock.

Always follow your cleansing routine by soaking the skin. I will talk more about this method of soaking the skin in my next post…

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Ashleigh Scott, Undone Girl

Image via Into The Gloss

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