Undone Beauty: Skin Food

Did you know that peanuts and peanut butter are incredibly congesting to the skin? If your skin has a tendency to congest, the saturated fats in this legume will cause your sebum to thicken and block your pores, resulting in bumps and breakouts. Try almond butter (a wonderful source of magnesium) or tahini instead.

Congestion in the skin is a very common condition. When oil in your skin is flowing normally, it plays an important role in protecting your skin and keeping it supple and strong.

Congestion is predominantly linked to internal issues and is very easily treated when you take a look at what’s happening elsewhere in the body. The first thing I always address with congested skin is diet. Along with peanuts and peanut butter, there are many foods linked with congestion in the skin. These include:

Ice cream
Full cream dairy products
Peanuts and peanut butter
Red meat
Protein powders, drinks and bars
Chocolate drink powders

If any of these foods are consumed on a regular basis, the first step would be to cut that food out completely. Give it at least two to four weeks to see a real change in the skin. If it is a trigger, your congestion will clear up relatively quickly but will come back instantly when you consume that food again.


– Ashleigh Scott, Undone Girl

Image via eatlifewhole.com


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