An Undone Long Weekend

“We’re about to head to Whangamata for Easter weekend. I have a lot of writing to do and being in a place like this allows me to have some thinking space and the time to play around with ideas. Aside from writing, we’ll be lighting the fire, reading our books, cooking, listening to records and braving stormy walks on the beach.” – Yasmine Ganley

“This weekend I’ll be doing some baking of course, followed by a photo shoot at my new cake kitchen, some paying of bills, emails and general running-your-own-business stuff. After that I may make an attempt to do some cooking at home, a luxury I haven’t had much time for lately. I really miss cooking. And I should do a spot of exercise, some grocery shopping at Harvest Wholefoods, a face mask, a hair mask, some washing – and eventually some relaxing and and chocolate eating if there’s any time left!”- Jordan Rondel

“I’ll be up in Waipu, Northland all weekend working at Little Red – a coffee shop in a prettied up shipping container that I’m a business partner in. Little Red is closing for the winter after this weekend so this is our last chance to hang out with the holiday regulars. It’s technically work but I really enjoy the social aspect of making and serving good coffee. I love getting out of Auckland too. Aside from making coffee I’ll be napping, drinking red wine and reading.” – Kelly Gibney

“I love Easter. We usually head somewhere rural with friends for a weekend of long lazy brunches, board games and bottles of wine. But this time I’m trading in hot cross buns for sashimi, as I’ve just arrived in Japan. Thinking about Easter, and what it symbolises, there is certainly a feeling of new life here as the cherry blossom springs forth. Maybe we’ll have to prepare a picnic lunch for a festive feast under the sakura trees.” – Alice Lines

“You’ll find me wrapped in a silk robe – baking bread, drinking wine and enjoying the return of my love from Japan.” – Emma Gleason

“I have a whole lot of book and magazine reading to catch up on, am secretly looking forward to a big spring (autumn) clean of my apartment with the reward at the end of lots of fresh flowers and delicious new bedding by In Bed Linen, then on Monday my friend Jess and I are off horse riding at Muriwai, along the beach and up into Woodhill Forest, followed by hot chocolates (or possibly something stronger) at the local cafe.” – Josie Steenhart

“A makeshift, accidental garden picnic with friends and family. It’s nice to take things slow after a pretty crazy past couple of weeks! No one is in a hurry in my household today.” – Hannah-Rose Yee

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