Undone Girl: Ashleigh Scott

Meet our newest Undone Girl Ashleigh and stay tuned for her tips on holistic beauty and wellbeing on Undone Journal…

I’m Ashleigh, holistic facialist and skin-loving product junkie.

I set up my facial clinic in early 2014 after living in London for two years. I have a passion for helping everyone to achieve beautiful skin, working with all different skin conditions and disorders. It was during my time in London that I discovered this way of working holistically with the skin, and what a massive impact diet, lifestyle and our overall wellness can have on our skin. Achieving great skin is so much more than what we put onto it. I spend my days inspiring and educating my clients to make these changes to live better and have glowing skin!

If I get any spare time, I practice yoga and sip on green juice.

I believe everyone can have good skin, you just have to work for it!


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