Undone Girl: Hannah-Rose Yee

Meet our fashion/food/book-loving Undone Girl Hannah-Rose and stay tuned for her smart, stylish literature-y posts on Undone Journal

I am a writer. I live in Sydney. I blog too, sometimes too much.

I like pottering about in my kitchen while listening to noughties R’n’B really loudly.

I love travel.

I have written for Broadsheet, Brace and Harper’s Bazaar about fashion-y things and food-y things but I also really, really like books, which is definitely what you can expect from my posts on Undone Journal.

On any given Sunday you will find me curled up in bed reading Evelyn Waugh, adding furiously to my Book Depository wishlist or rearranging my book collection by colour (always a bad idea).


Ed’s note: Don’t miss Hannah-Rose’s Instagram account either, it’s an Undone fave…

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