Undone Girl: Katie Higgie

Meet our newest Undone Girl Katie and stay tuned for her unique outlook on all things creative and considered on Undone Journal…

I’m 24 years old and tentatively reside in Devonport, Auckland.

I have been working in media and publishing for the past two years, but took six months off to travel South Africa and Europe at the end of last year, an adventure I plan on continuing as soon as financially possible.

I like listening to music, reading and writing a collection of thoughts on those two subjects.

I like cities and the country and not suburbia.

I like travelling and coming home and not staying still.

I like people who talk about ideas and not of other people.

I like the poem ‘Bluebird’ by Charles Bukowski and the song ‘Slow Show’ by The National.

I think boredom the most unattractive quality and bravery the best.

I like rock and roll and the sea in winter and streetlights at twilight.

I would like to go everywhere and do everything and have every kind of life.

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