Undone Girl: Kelly Gibney

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Meet our glowing Undone Girl Kelly and stay tuned for her beautifully delicious posts on Undone Journal

I’m Kelly – a serious food lover. I live in Auckland with my lovely partner and our charming 18-month-old daughter Bonnie.

Most of my adult life has been spent working in – or running – restaurants and bars. In Melbourne, New York and then home again in Auckland. I’ve had a long love affair with hospitality and dining. This has been the seedbed for my food passion. Lots of hours spent hanging out in kitchens watching chefs and trying to pick up their tricks. These days I organise beautiful feast events at the Golden Dawn in Auckland, I blog at Bonnie Delicious and this summer I’m opening a coffee shop called Little Red in a refurbished shipping container in Waipu, Northland.

I love good dining, chefs, meeting food producers, tackling complicated recipes, natural wines and making sauerkraut.

My heart definitely lies in whole foods. I try to simply listen to my body and eat what sets me up to be my healthiest and happiest. Because of this most of the food I blog about is vegetarian, gluten free and without sugar.

I’m not vegetarian but I’m always looking for ways to introduce more plant-based dishes into my diet. Rigid approaches to eating have no place in my life though. Life’s too short to worry about whether you’re following the rules. Above all, the food I eat has to taste amazing. I’m first and foremost a food lover. I won’t waste a single meal eating anything that isn’t truly delicious.

– Kelly Gibney

Photo: David Straight

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