Undone Girl: Pia Crawford

Meet our latest Undone Girl Pia and stay tuned for her DIY life tips and clever how-to guides on Undone Journal…

I’m pretty awkward and clumsy most of the time.

A usual day involves getting up and having some freshly ground coffee, painstakingly choosing an outfit for the day, going to lectures, writing and then hitting the books for a good night of study. Bed time with a cup of chocolate soy milk is my favourite time of day.

I study archaeology by the way, I love really old things.

I also am vegan and listen to very obnoxiously loud music. My favourite bands probably fit into the grindcore-hardcore crossover field. I like coffee and books and wrapping up in a blanket to watch movies with friends.

Being 20 is scary, I think I’m an adult probably. How did that even happen?


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