Undone Girl: Samantha Bluemel

Meet our radiant Undone Girl Sam and stay tuned for her high-energy, super-inspiring posts on Undone Journal…

Not too long ago now I started an idea and a business called Move Eat Play, a new journey towards sharing what I’ve learned on my own path towards health and happiness.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of what we can do (or not do!) to promote our own self-worth, sense of belonging and accomplishment during these too short lifetimes, but I could never have dreamed one day I might be able to carve out a life and a career from these ideas.

My background has been in modelling from the age of 15, studying, personal training, more recently a bit of acting and generally experiencing life and all it has to offer day to day. While it’s impossible to count yourself an expert on reaching happiness (I’ll let you know when I obtain enlightenment) I take great joy in helping others to train their body and mind into some truly healthy habits that will help them in their own process.

One way I do this is through my ‘booty camps’ that are held in 12-week blocks in lovely Auckland parks. I also coach nutrition and training in a one-on-one context and blog through Move Eat Play.

One of my dreams is to grow MEP into a really well-known resource for people of any age or background to come to in search of inspiration and motivation to live a healthier and happier lifestyle… Stay tuned.


– Samantha Bluemel

Photo: Garth Badger

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