Undone Girl: Thannie Phan

Meet our newest Undone Girl Thannie and stay tuned for her captivating photos and cool eye for style on Undone Journal…

I grew up in Vietnam and Singapore, and just moved to Auckland two years ago. I’m so obsessed with it, there’s so many inspiring people around and the scenery is just too surreal.

I’m your normal boring uni kid, doing a boring degree (Infosys and marketing! Tell no one!). My only escape is through photography and fashion. I love having pretty things but my body is not exactly the most flattering. (If you know a way to help me get rid of my fat arms, you’ll be my best friend for life!). So I put my pretty girlfriends in my clothes and photograph them for fun. Sidenote: I taught myself how to use a DSLR and a wee bit of Photoshop. I know my photos can look ugly from a more professional POV but I love them and I put a bit of myself in every photo.

My biggest dream is to do what I’m doing now, but for a living! Oh and if I can, I would wear my kimono and silky slip dress all day, every day. At one of my internships, on my first day of work, my boss said, and I quote: “I know we said you can be as casual as you want but are you wearing your pyjamas today?!”


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