Undone Girl: Yasmine Ganley

Meet our beautifully graceful, word-loving Undone Girl Yasmine and stay tuned for her thoughtful, feminine and inspirational posts on Undone Journal

Something that most people don’t know about me is that I’m actually a trained contemporary dancer. I studied at the New Zealand School of Dance and was a founder of a dance company for five years after that. As injuries and my bank account got the better of my dancing lifestyle, I opted for the next most favourite thing in my life, writing. I lived in New York for two years and got involved with anything and everything. Taking photos for Nike and LN-CC, writing for LURVE magazine, producing fashion editorials and delivering home made olive oil cakes to La Colombe would be my highlights.

As with life, I then had a few curve balls thrown at me which lead to heart break, a year in limbo, and a desperation to make this new direction work. I came back home and spent the following year picking up the pieces and starting from scratch. I was lucky enough to be scooped up into the wings of BLACK magazine who fast became my creative family.

Since my change in direction I’ve been the arts editor at LURVE, editor for The New Order magazine, editor-at-large for New York/Paris-based Avenue Journal, and am currently deputy editor of BLACK magazine and editor of AnyOneGirl.comI’m also the online editor for a few local brands and stores: The Department Store, Tessuti, taylor, Servilles, Lela Jacobs and Zora Bell Boyd.

In my spare time I like to surf and try to always start my day with an hour of yoga. I love reading biographies, spend a lot of time persuading my cat to love me and enjoy that time of the day that allows me to sit down and listen to records with my boyfriend.


Photo by Greta van der Star

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  1. Anna - February 6, 2014

    Very inspirational. Black magazine is one of my favourite Kiwi magazines (we seem to do well down here). Sounds like your right back on track with an incredible career. Any advice on cracking the magazine industry. I am a Graphic Designer who has worked for fashion brands in the London and Sydney. My dream would be to art direct and style with fashion magazines especially here in NZ (got to love home).

    Cheers, Anna

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