Undone Go-Sees: Faye

While we love showcasing our beautiful local models in Undone editorials, we’re really excited to launch this new series of ‘Undone Go-Sees’ that shows off the individuality, personality, character and natural beauty the girls don’t always get to express in their work.

We’re asking each girl to tell us a little about themselves, and as for images, we’ve asked simply for what’s known in the business as ‘digis’ – off-the-cuff snaps on regular cameras of the models at their most natural, fresh-faced, untouched and ‘everyday’.

So, meet Faye…

Hi I’m Faye
I’m 17
I’m 178cm tall
I’m signed to Kirsty Bunny Management, Red Eleven and Michael Hooker International
My instagram is @faye_nielsen

I was approached by a woman from a Dunedin agency when I was 14 but only decided to give it a go when I was 15 as I became more interested in fashion and everyone kept telling me I should try it, which is when I joined KBM.

My favourite modelling experience so far would have to be travelling to London for a casting, even though I had to fly straight back the next day! But I love travelling and it was such a great experience.

My big dream would be to walk in New York Fashion Week or a Victoria’s Secret show.

I have so many favourite models but a couple at the moment are Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid because of their inspiring success at a young age, incredible beauty and fun personalities!

I love to go out with friends and family for good food, movies, shopping and things like that!

My happy place is a beautiful sunny day at a Wellington beach – sounds perfect.

A movie I recently saw and really enjoyed was Gone Girl.

I tend to grind my teeth sometimes when I sleep. Only a few people have heard it and I don’t even know what it sounds like myself! It’s quite strange.

I recently got a grey ribbed midi dress for winter and I’m in love with it.

Other than that I actually haven’t bought anything in a while other than delicious food!

A must-have beauty item for me has got to be lip balm.

I love @essenaoneill who has an amazing vegan instagram and I’ve also recently started following @lilyrose_depp who I’m obsessed with.

Photos by David Shields

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