Undone Interiors: Ashleigh Scott Facialist

I had my best facial experience in years at Ashleigh Scott. She owns a little place hidden away in a corner of City Works Depot. Interior walls with great windows allow natural lights to lit the room, and complement the guest corner where you can enjoy a glass of cucumber or infused water or some skin-loving sweet treats from neighbours The Raw Kitchen. The brick walls, the comfortable lounge chair and the cowhide rug make for a very inviting corner space, especially during the cold winter days.

Ashleigh has two cosy facial rooms, accentuated with green plants and extensive mirrors. There’s a fur chair for you to drop off your stuff and flowers and candles are set nearby. Beds are placed in the centre and lined with heavy linen blankets for you to nest in. It was pretty tough for me to get out of that little cocoon once my facial was over.

After the facial, I went out for a cup of tea and Ashleigh proceed to give me more advice on how to take better care of my skin. I was given a package with a detailed diet to minimize breakouts, samples and some vouchers for a pretty fancy hair salon. That day, I left with such incredible glowy and healthy skin that I couldn’t be bother to put on makeup even though I was supposed to be seeing my friend right after.


Thannie Phan, Undone Girl

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