Undone Interiors: Tur

The wooden desk with the sheepskin shape behind it is actually Joe and Chris’ working table. It’s the most perfect little corner you could ever want to work at.

The weaving station with the loom belongs to Chris. He’s amazing at what he does and if I could afford to I would totally wear all of the scarfs.

The two photos of Joe were taken when I went and asked him to make something for my summer in Singapore. I sat on the cutest little chair opposite him and we talked and looked at fabrics and he drew in his tiny black notebook. Oh, they also have the biggest magical mirror that will erase all your flaws and just make you fall in love with yourself a wee bit more!

I love going to Tur after a hectic week because Joe and Chris will bring me tea in their handmade ceramic cups and everything is just very therapeutic. You can sit on their couch for hours talking about anything under the sun. I guess they kinda do provide both retail therapy and real therapy, haha.


Words and photography by Undone Girl Phan Thannie

Tur, 486 Karangahape Road, Auckland

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