Undone Zodiac: Cancer

22 June – 22 July

Cancer is a cardinal, feminine, water sign ruled by the moon. As the moon changes its position in astrological terms far more frequently than any other heavenly body, Cancers often feel like they’ve experienced a whole year’s emotions, the most extreme highs and lows, in only a month.

The saving grace is that unlike their fellow water signs, Cancers are rarely bogged down by emotional restraints for more than a couple days. This allows them a more optimistic attitude, a better holistic view and a practical drive that sees them often land on their feet even in the face of the most extreme adversity.

‘Emotion’ is the keyword that governs this sign – Cancers are deep, imaginative thinkers, and can struggle to explain the way their mind works to others. At the first sign of emotional pressure from the outside, the Crab is inclined to retreat into its shell and put off issues that would be best dealt with immediately.

Extremely sensitive to the needs of those around them, Cancers possess a natural nurturing quality and are almost always at their best when others seem lost, as their acute personal intuition directs them onto the right path while others are floundering, searching for more tangible guides.

Flower: Lilies
Gemstone: Rainbow Moonstone

Cancer babes: M.I.A (July 18) & Liv Tyler (July 1)

Words and illustrations by Lucy Han

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