Undone Zodiac: Leo

23 July – 21 August

Leo is a fixed, masculine, fire sign ruled by the sun, and just like the astral body that governs them, natives of this sign have a tendency to assume that the world revolves around them. Suitably labelled the ‘king of the zodiac’, the strength of the lion’s ego is unrivalled.

Their natural ambition is to inspire admiration of every kind, and they’ll usually achieve this thanks to their positive and charismatic natures. But besides being their greatest asset, pride can also be their greatest weakness, and although they might seem brave in the face of adversity, at heart Leos are individuals whose fragile egos can easily be upset.

More often than not, Leos are dynamic, radiant personalities whose magnetism can effortlessly draw the attention of an entire room (an asset considering they are born for the limelight!) Their natural optimism and love for the dramatic makes it hard not to admire them, and despite their innocent pride, Leos aren’t simply thankless receivers of admiration; they are people with big hearts who are extremely generous towards others, and staunchly loyal to those they care about. Just give them the admiration they need!

Flower: Sunflower
Gemstone: Citrine

Cancer babes: Devon Aoki & Cara Delevingne

Words and illustrations by Lucy Han

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