Undone’s Week In Things

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Even just looking at this little book makes me feel calmer. I ordered the smaller hardcover version from Book Depository as I preferred it to the bigger but flimsier version paperback (which also doesn’t have the pretty watercolour cover) I’ve seen in stores here, and this tiny tome is definitely a keeper. You’ve likely read or heard about it, its author Marie Kondo or it’s more recent illustrated sister publication Spark Joy somewhere by now, and for good reason – it’s a mad world and the best place to start with a calm, clutter-free environment is your home. The key lesson is to possess only items that spark joy, which is of course wonderful in theory but far more difficult in reality, but I’m happy to take any help I can get achieving any extra zen in my life.

Got another delivery from The Flower Project this week, brimming with clean, fresh white hydrangea and lisianthus, glorious purple gladioli, blue gentians and some sprays of something pretty and yellow I don’t know the name of. There was enough for three arrangements, if you count the tiny wee one I popped in one of my signature handmade lumpy little vases.

Had some Undone instagram followers ask to see my baby terrarium from Annie O’s workshop last week, so here it is in all its glory! I went for a magical forest theme, complete with unicorn, toadstool, ladybird and tiny diamante and pearl pins.

We’ve had an unprecedented and soul-sapping level of heat and humidity for the past few weeks, and I’d just exhausted my spritz supply when Trilogy’s new hydrating mist toner arrive on my doorstep. And what a saviour it’s been! I’ve been keeping in the fridge for extra cooling deliciousness, it smells like rose petals, lavender and geranium, and you can pretty much just hit yourself with a little misting whenever you feel like it. Which is all the time in my case. One tip that’s new to me is to spray a little onto your foundation brush before applying your makeup base, which helps buff it out without overloading the skin. It’s also perfect over makeup as the final finishing touch.

To celebrate Chinese New Year and it being the year of the monkey (my year, pow!), MAC Cosmetics released this cool limited-edition collection ‘Monkey Business‘ embracing us “inquisitive, clever, magnetic, quick-witted” monkey people and inspired by the drama of traditional Chinese opera.

Does anyone find themselves with pocketfuls of pretty shells every time they take a walk on the beach? Was particularly happy with these pink scallop fans and that sunset coloured shell that reminded me a little of Wundaire’s cosmic pitfired pottery.

I’m a big fan of gel nail colours but after a few takes my poor nails are generally pretty messed up, so I’m excited to try Weleda’s new nail care pen with organic pomegranate seed oil, shea butter and beeswax to nurture, nourish and protect my poor little nails back to a condition where I don’t have to hide them. It also smells dee-licious and I’m a fan of the cute pen applicator.

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