Undone’s Week In Things

I’ve been in various beauty editor roles over the last decade, which translates into a lot of product I’ve been sent to try and write about. I’m also not the excitable type. But every so often a delivery still comes that causes even my heart to beat just a little faster, and sometimes a tiny ‘eep!’ is uttered. Even dipping my hand into the delicious La Mer tissue paper (and yes it feels a little more luxe than usual tissue) caused a little flutter. La Mer’s new Perfecting Treatment is designed to refine the texture and tone of skin, to be applied before moisturiser or as a primer to foundation. It feels very silky and delicious going on, gives skin a velvety finish with a definite but perfectly subtle luminosity, and thankfully a little goes a long way as I’ll be eking this little beauty out for as long as humanly possible.

The flowers are from my neighbour. She had to have her lovely 18-year-old old cat Pretty Girl put down and her vet sent her some flowers, which she couldn’t keep because of her allergies, so gave to me. I think they’re delphinium? Anyone?

Last week I was invited to a brunch at the wonderful Orphan’s Kitchen (yay for them taking out the Metro Best City Fringe Bistro and for chef Tom taking out Chef of the Year!) to meet Kerol Izwan, editor of a newish travel/lifestyle publication Musotrees. Kerol is Malaysia-based but the magazine has an international focus and gave me some deep travel pangs. Kerol is actually a science researcher by day and produces Musotrees as a (very time consuming) hobby and labour of love, a concept we at Undone can fully appreciate and applaud!

The little white pot is one of my very first ceramic creations made on a pottery wheel. It was my second term at Ceramic College but I spent the whole first term obsessed with making pieces mixed through with black sand from Piha and variations of small lumpy vases (fear not, I made a few of these in term two also!) so it was a very satisfying experience to create something that way. My tutor spends a good deal of time encouraging me to try all kinds of decorating techniques but I remain steadfast in my desire to leave everything plain and boring glaze every piece in white or clear – though I did branch out into some pretty pastels this time also. Watch this space or have a look on Undone‘s instagram to see more.

The Fiona Pardington postcard from exhibition A Beautiful Hesitation actually came from when it was installed at Wellington’s City Gallery but it’s now on at Auckland Art Gallery and I popped back on the weekend to have a fresh look. This is still my favourite image: My Mother’s Roses, Pomegranates and Silver Platter of Ihumoana, Ripiro Beach 2013.

I love the petite green glass bottles and quintessentially ‘English garden’ vibe of Jo Malone London‘s new Herb Garden collection. There are five total including Wild Strawberry & Parsley (I’m a sucker for anything strawberry). The two I have are Carrot Blossom & Fennel and Nasturtium & Clover, I’ve been mixing them together, which makes for a nice balance of sweet, fresh and peppery. Also LOVE the campaign imagery, which stars 80-year-old Danish-born actress Gitte Lee looking fabulous in an olde cottage garden.

Estee Lauder‘s Advanced Night Repair isn’t brand new but is basically a cult classic with genuine results and that mysterious brown and gold bottle gives me me all the feels. EL have created two new cleansers to sit alongside the original Recovery Complex – a Night Micro Cleansing Foam and a Night Micro Cleansing Balm – which I’ve been using alternately over the last week or so with nice results – and popped in a bottle of ANR for good measure which I fully appreciate!

Finally, in an ironic twist on the previous Undone Week in Things post, I’m now the owner of what is certainly something of a piss take on Marie Kondo’s book, but which actually contains some pretty valid advice and food for thought. I see no reason not to skip comfortably between the two. One of these days I’m going to be so so organised and so so relaxed and in control of every aspect of my life… One of these days…


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