VASE Series

So I made a thing called VASE with my friends Adam Bryce and Lucy Houghton and while the first print run sold out, we just made a very limited number of extras, which are currently being sold by one of our favourite stores in all the world, Simon James, so I wanted to quickly mention it here in case anyone missed it first time round and wanted one.

They make beautiful gifts (especially self-gifts!) for Christmas, weddings and the like…

Renowned both locally and internationally as a cutting-edge creative force, in recent years Adam has turned his hand to fashion photography, scoring a mark through the status quo and creating unique work that’s stamped with his inimitable signature aesthetic.

Former editor of local fashion and pop culture magazines Remix and Pulp, founder and editor of Undone Journal (yep it’s me!) and previously a deputy editor at Net-a-Porter in London, Josie Steenhart has also worked as a freelance fashion and product stylist, lending her vision and experience to a huge variety of creative projects over the last decade.

“With VASE we wanted to create something that felt a bit like fine art, but that was both accessible and super affordable, that people could react to impulsively or emotionally or however they liked, and buy for themselves or as a gift without having to think too seriously or making a big investment.” – Josie Steenhart, VASE art director

“Art and photography have a long history with the still-life, and the ‘flower vase’ is one of the most iconic emblems of this art form. We wanted to do a super contemporary, impactful and personal take on the subject, but one that still retained a classic, fine art aesthetic.” – Adam Bryce, VASE photographer

“We started first with the vase – each is locally designed and made – which then informed the flowers, foliage and arrangement, this in turn informed the background hue.” – Josie Steenhart, VASE art director

VASE prints are named for these colours – Ginger, China Blue, Storm, Damson, Carnation, Peat.

“We’re already fascinated by finding which prints resonate most strongly with our friends and family – everyone has different favourites.” – Josie Steenhart, vase art director

VASE prints sit together as a complementary set but each has a unique mood and an individual personality.

VASE: available as limited-edition A1 prints from Simon James Concept Store, 230 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland, or at online here, from December 8, 2016.

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