We ♥ Flowers

On Saturday afternoon a group of about 30 flower-lovin’ ladies got together in the divine setting of Mildred&Co (formerly a mechanic’s workshop, currently an event space and showroom for the most fabulous edit of gifts you’ll ever see, like, 4000 nice things) to sip bubbles, eat cake and create – with the guidance of the wonderful Lucy of Lu Diamond Flowers – brilliant little bouquets in the form of table arrangements…

I don’t want to give away too many secrets from what Lucy showed and taught us (stay tuned for the next workshop if you’re curious!) but here are three little tips to creating your own perfect posy:

– Decide before you start whether you’re creating an arrangement to be viewed from all angles or just from the front. If it’s all angles, start from the centre of your arrangement and work out, turning your vase as you work to make sure it looks lovely 360 degrees.

– Think about colour/tone as you select your blooms. Do you want all pinks or a shock of brights or (like me) all fresh whites and pale purples. Colours bunched together can be really effective, such as setting three coral roses in a cluster rather than breaking them up throughout the arrangement.

– See how the flowers and leaves fall on a stem to decide where to set it. For example if the flower falls left and forward, sit it on the left and in the centre or front of your arrangement.


Photographer: Sophie Chan Andreassend

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