Wild For The Night

For lovers of creativity, fashion and/or wild and wonderful hair, Exhibit, the grand finale event at New Fashion Week this year, is the show for you. We’re quite partial to a spot of hair styling brilliance and could probably listen to the below stylists talk shop all day, but we took just a couple of minutes with each to find out a little more about what to expect from the show…

GM = Greg Murrell from Ryder
BI = Bronwyn Illingworth from Toni & Guy
HN = Hazel Newman from Three Hairdressing
FE = Frana Evans from Hamilton Brooks
JD = Jamie Dryden from Fabrik

Tell us a little about what we can expect to see from you on the night?
GM: This year we are presenting a hair and fashion show entitled “ Paradise Found” referencing club kids from 1990’s New York through to the present in a kaleidoscopic contusion of colour, art and self-expression. These creative hedonists referenced fashion, contemporary and retro culture merging performance art, gender politics and sexuality spanning all gender definitions be they male, female, gay, straight, trans or something in between. There’s an interesting relevance to contemporary society with gender issues being such an interesting and pertinent issue.

Boundaries are blurred and the accepted norms are twisted. Often utilising self made fashion, trends or archetypes are mixed with pop culture, trash imagery and cartoon sensibilities to form looks of ultimate personal expression. We’re collaborating with WORLD who are producing one-off garments for the show and M.A.C on makeup. Each of the 16 looks in the show has unique hair, makeup and costuming. The show will combine aspects of theatrical performance and catwalk presentation.

HN: A collection that represents our aesthetic and what we love about hair. Beautiful, simple shapes and forms. It has been exciting taking one concept and having the team expand the idea to create different looks that complement the theme.

BI: We want to show something that really shouted Toni & Guy. As the major hair sponsor for London Fashion Week, we will again be showing the most directional eight looks from these shows. There will be beautiful editorial hair with an eclectic feel of braiding and textures. No bells and whistles, just a simple, clean runway show, collaborating with Carlson and Smashbox to tie it together.
FE: We are really excited as this is our first time doing exhibit. We’ve created a show where you will see a lot of dark imagery and contrasting ideas. Expect to see a monochromatic show.
JD: You can expect to see hair taken out of its normal context and then put back into context. A series of installations that are interchangeable.

Where did you get inspiration for the look you’re creating?
GM: Ryder staff member Nicholas Macaulay conceived the idea for the show after becoming fascinated with the Instagram feeds of prominent club protagonists in contemporary club culture in New York. In effect we are creating a simulation of a club scene with its multitude of characters and styles.

BI: We’re known for our work at London Fashion Week – so this was a clear place for inspiration. We decided on the strongest looks that were shown over this time and added a wee twist to some of them.
HN: The main idea for the show is based on a look I created for a competition last month which has this kind of French/Japanese vibe. The inspiration for this has two sources/ideas: the first is the music I’m listening to, Christine and the Queens – I always have a power song of the moment that motivates me. The second inspiration is fashion week runway shows – I love the simple but tricky shapes they create for the hair.

FE: We have taken inspiration from a Minneapolis based artist Jesse Draxler who’s philosophy is based around the uncomfortability of individuality trying to breathe in a world of confusion, using black and white representing opposite ideas to understand different perceptions of the same thing.

JD: My inspiration is completely abstract. I listened to The Phantom Band’s ‘Checkmate Savage’ in my garage over and over for two months. My subconscious took over.

What are some of the key products you’ll use and how/why?
GM: Davines Your Hair Assistant Perfecting Hairspray has a super-fine spray mist which dries very quickly after application. It is humidity resistant and is easy to remove without leaving residue.

Davines More Inside “This is a Dry Texturiser” creates visible texture and definition in the hair. It won’t weigh the hair down, is invisible on the hair and is not sticky.

BI: We’re working alongside Wella. The bases to all our work with editorial is getting a good texture in there so that we can manipulator the hair. And then collaborating with the right product to get the look you require.

To do this we’ll use the EIMI Shape Control for the bigger hair looks and for the softer hair looks root booster. The EIMI Super set hairspray for exactly what it says. Liquid Steel gel for the wet looks that don’t move. Shine Craft for the braiding to show the definition. And shine define spray for those especially smooth styles.

HN: Our four main products we will be using are: Davines More Inside Medium Hold Modelling Gel for creating slick effects that don’t set stiff, More Inside Invisible Serum which is perfect for braiding, cans and cans of More Inside Shimmering Mist for ultra glossy hair, and More Inside Medium Hold Spray.

FE: We will be using a lot of texturising products such as EIMI Grip Cream for a dusty effect and Sebastian Dry Manic for volume and hold

JD: We have used the Pravaana colour range to create the vivid colours in our pieces.

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