Wool Week: Amber D

We love wool, and this week is Choose Wool Week, so we thought we’d get involved by doing a series of little interviews featuring some of our favourite New Zealanders working with wool.

Wool is a renewable and biodegradable fibre source, it’s beautiful, warm, versatile, natural, local and just plain lovely…

Amber D agrees:

How does wool feature in your life?
I think that when you’re from New Zealand it’s hard to avoid a connection to wool. We’re so proud of our wool industry as a nation, so I feel that a love of wool is just something that’s always been there. I worked for Zambesi in my early twenties, and remember being so amazed by the Nom*D knitwear every season. It was always so revolutionary!
For me now I am always on the search for great wool as I slowly teach myself to knit while travelling.

What is it about wool you love?
I am a winter person (why am I living in LA?!) so I love wearing huge knit sweaters and blankets. I’m so into giving people little gifts and love the idea of being able to knit little things for my friends, so finding a beautiful soft yarn in a colour that isn’t weird and hippy is pretty exciting.

Why did you set up k.n.i.t? Tell us more about it…
My friends and I started knitting when we were travelling for work as we had so much time to kill, so I started to look online to buy wool and to search for patterns and inspiration. Most websites are just full of things made of multi-coloured yarns and in weird gross patterns that weren’t my vibe at all, so I wanted to compile images to inspire me and what I’d like to create and to share with other people who have similar taste in fashion. It’s cool because so many of my friends now tag me into things they think I would like as well, so the love for knitwear seems to be spreading!

Can you remember the first woollen item you had a strong connection to?
There are so many but in the early 00’s I think Marc Jacobs had this huge knitted beanie in a campaign and I was obsessed with it. I can’t for the life of me find the images now but at the time I took the photo to a knitting store and asked an elderly woman there if she could make me one – which I still have. I also remember my grandma and her sister used to knit so much, they knitted outfits for my Cabbage Patch doll and I just couldn’t believe how amazing it was that they could do that. She tried to teach me when I was little but the combination of my little hands and the big needles were too much for me then. Plus my attention span would last about a row only before I had to run outside or something. I still remember her repeating, “Through, over and off… through, over and off…”

What’s your current favourite woollen item you own or wish you owned?
I wish I owned this incredible The Row blanket cape that I saw at Barney’s in San Francisco on a visit with Lorde. It was made from cashmere and was US$5000 so obviously we weren’t going to be buying it, but we sure did inspect thoroughly so we could try and make something similar sometime… That cashmere chunky wool though… So expensive!

Is there anyone using wool you particularly admire?
I’m so excited about my friend Juliet Bates’ new knitwear label Marle. She has the best taste and everything so far has been so gorgeous. I wish Nom*D would bring back some of the amazing styles they’ve made in the past – the knit kimono and this huge ribbed cone shaped sweater especially! Internationally I’m always amazed by the simplicity of The Row and I love the cool shades, patterns and yarns available on Woolandthegang.com. They really make learning to knit so easy!

Images via k.n.i.t

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