Wool Week: Marina Davis

We love wool, and this week is Choose Wool Week, so we thought we’d get involved by doing a series of little interviews featuring some of our favourite New Zealanders working with wool.

Wool is a renewable and biodegradable fibre source, it’s beautiful, warm, versatile, natural, local and just plain lovely…

Ovna Ovich designer Marina Davis agrees:

How does wool feature in your work?
Within winter collections for warmth and snuggle factor.

What is it about wool you love?
I grew up on a farm in the deep south kicking about with sheep and shearers, so I love the connection that wool holds to my rural New Zealand upbringing.

Can you remember the first woollen item you made?
When I was, hazard a guess, seven, I knitted a long and narrow scarf with clashing hues of red and alternating yarn textures.

What was the most recent woollen item you made?
Currently developing a hand knit with Simoen van der Meent in Melbourne, who I enjoy collaborating with on textile focused projects. The production of this will happen in New Zealand.

Is there anyone using wool you particularly admire?
Kirsty Cameron and her Godmother Blankets. Lela Jacobs and her dedication to wool. Chris Duncan and his weavings.

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