Yin & Yang

Originally this shoot was going to be me photographing some radical still-life’s… I love still-life photography!

But I decided it would be far more fun to get other people involved. I spend most days talking to flowers, so it’s nice having some clever people to bounce ideas off.

I wanted to use all my pastel pop backdrops and make it really girly and fun. I’m not always girly and pop-like and was drawn to shoot something a little darker, and deeper in colour.

I ended up running with both ideas, kind of a yin and yang approach.

Vantia is an amazing photographer and hit the nail on the head! She is superwoman with a camera in her hand. Vanita and Natalie have worked together before and I loved their easygoing dynamic (while I talked to the flowers…).

For my next shoot I want to play with coloured smoke bombs! Watch this space…

Lucy Houghton, Undone Girl and director at Lu Diamond Flowers

Creative: Lu Diamond Flowers | Photography: Vanita Andrews at Studio Lumiere | Make-up: Natalie Dent
Models: Natayla and Renee at Clyne | Clothing: Ruby

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